★ Best Way to WRAP NATURAL/ RELAXED HAIR at Night Video –...

★ Best Way to WRAP NATURAL/ RELAXED HAIR at Night Video – Tutorial ★


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  1. thank you Glamorbelle! 🙂 I just bought this silk wrap and wasn’t sure how
    to use it , this was very helpful

  2. What moisture products you use on your hair? Where did you purchase your
    silk wrap scarf like that one? Great video.

  3. I never could wrap my hair no matter how many times I tried nor have I seen
    a cap like that before. Maybe having that cap will make it easy for
    me.Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like your video. I talk about hair & beauty too at my channel fell free
    to check it out.☺

  5. Thanks! I know what you are talking about. This one has has the points
    separated. I had it in a knot from the night before, lol.

  6. This is for people who want to wear their hair straight to keep the style.
    Would not recommend if you are wearing your hair in some kind of puff or

  7. Thanks! I wrapped this hair when my hair was freshly pressed. I do it every
    night and it lasts about a week (the “swang” /body lol). Make sure you use
    small sections when flat ironing your hair. That will also have an effect
    on how your hair looks when you un-wrap it. HTH. 🙂

  8. My hair never does that in the morning when i wrap it! Lol, what am I doing
    wrong? Your hair looks amazing btw. I’m attempting to go natural as well.

  9. It took me a while to get it right. That wrap cap does help keep it in
    place. It’s not that expensive $3-4. I have a link for it in the
    description box. 🙂

  10. I mostly wrap to preserve the style. It really helps to keep it wrapped in
    the summer when my hair gets attacked by HUMIDITY. Wrapping straightens
    back out.

  11. Thanks! I use Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and a little creativity. You can
    find some FREE or discounted stuff if you are a student. There is TONS of
    info here on YT. HTH! 🙂

  12. Hi i live in panama, its more easy if you use a brush on of those that have
    the points separated try it !!!