1. Omg I’m soo in love with this hair style. I have a 2 question how do you
    take down this hair? And how do you keep your scalp moisturized with these
    braids? Now I’m stuck between getting box braids or doing this style.
    Thanks alot :)

  2. I’ve watched several different videos on this style. Yours being the
    first. And I just want to know if I’m the only one who has to re rod my
    curls everyday for a fresh look. I don’t know if the hair I used or if its
    me. It always turns out pretty cute when I first do it but after only a
    few hours the curls become fluffed and poofy, nappy, stiff and almost afro
    like, And I don’t like it. Is it the water temperature, the size of the
    perm rods, seriously what is it???? Help me please

  3. I have a Mohawk my sides are shaved .. I would like to try this but I don’t
    know how I should braid my hair . will straight back braids be fine ?

  4. How did you get your hair to curl using the perm rods and the hot water
    because my hair didn’t curl and my hair was drenching wet and I tried to
    use a blow dryer and everything 

  5. That is great this is actually my first time wearing crotchet braids and I
    used the kinky hair pack to the noble brand. I find its a bit coarsed. I
    observed that you used Shea butter to soften the hair I think I’ll use that
    technique. Great style.

  6. I can’t get enough of this color ma’am! It looks awesome on your
    complexion! I’m looking for more color for my 3rd install! love this video.

  7. Is the hair soft to the touch? I have the Cuban twist hair and it’s rough
    lol love the look but when I touch it it sounds crunchy lol

  8. Hi I love your hair I wanted to know if you live in New York and I would
    really love if you could do my hair.