10. Natural Hair: How to Trim Your Own Hair (“Naptural” Elenore)

10. Natural Hair: How to Trim Your Own Hair (“Naptural” Elenore)


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  1. okay i been going natural for 8 months now and i never cut my hair before
    my last relaxer i had was March 28th 2014 so how would i cut my hair since
    this will be my first time ever doing it i need help

  2. Wow, tell me why I’m just now watching a DIY hair trimming tutorial??? No
    more waiting for people to trim my ends so I can style my hair!

  3. Wow i must of cut my hair all wrong cause i cut about 6ichs cudnt telly dry
    hair from damage hair 🙁 hope it grows back

  4. Maybe u can help… I trimmed my ends like 2mths ago..I cut my hair before
    it got to the then part. And now I feel I need to cut the hair again…
    That same little piece is back again in some spots.. (I thought I really
    butchered my really well the last time).. Any tips 

  5. i am kind of scared i might cut the wrong parts of my hair that doesn’t
    need to be cut and plus i have plats in i was just going to take each plat
    out one by one and cut it like that 

  6. but i only wanted to just cut my relaxed ends off i don’t want to do the
    big chop i just want to trim it