1950’s Updo & Make Up Tutorial “Natural Hair ” – Part 1

1950’s Updo & Make Up Tutorial “Natural Hair ” – Part 1


Natural 1950s Protective Style inspired by Wilma Flintstone’s Hair – With light Make Up – Wilma Flintstone Hair -Tutorial. Hair was in a twist out. Natural Hairstyles Black Hair. Other…


  1. I love your video! Thank you for sharing this tutorial, you have a very
    nice smile ! 🙂 I’m going to try this out right away ^^

  2. Love this look, will be trying it. I immediately subscribed after doing a
    youtube search for natural pin up styles. Thanks for providing me with
    diversity in my protective styling.

  3. So I’ve never seen any of your videos before so I thought that was your
    natural accent in the beginning, but then i realized it wasn’t. You tricked
    me :p haha but this is ok. I do believe your theory. Black hair is so easy
    to forum and mold It would not surprise me if during the late 1930s to
    1950s updos were invented by black woman. I must add you are absolutely
    beautiful and so is your hair. Keep rocking the natural. BLACK IS

  4. I wear this a lot at the end of my wash and go stage, it’s like, hair style
    number 3 of the week. I may do a twist out in between, or just make this
    from a wash and go. It’s very easy. More often I twist it under, with a
    curler to give it shape.

  5. Ah! I use aloe vera vel for my twist outs but it never occurred tome to use
    it to keep my eyebrows in check. thanks!