294 * Going Natural – A Child’s Perspective

294 * Going Natural – A Child’s Perspective



  1. Honestly I was like :O for few seconds when I saw big sis’s hair at the
    beginning of the video. Pls pls what is the secret? Some people say it has
    to do with the weather over there(I’m in Nigeria). Personally I feel its
    genetic(if it’s in your genes it is in your genes and treatment will just
    only improve it a little and not tremendously).Pls correct me if I’m wrong

  2. I just discovered this channel on Friday and have been watching your videos
    throughout the weekend (in between dance recitals) and your daughters are
    my inspiration. Big Sis is so articulate and so well versed on the subject
    of natural. I am transitioning (I still don’t remember why I decided to but
    I’m so glad I did, relaxers always burned my hair and scalp and I’m old
    enough to day NO MORE!) This channel has opened me up to so much natural
    hair love and I could not be more grateful. I love how you instill in your
    girls, how important it is to not only love the hair God blessed them with
    but how it helps them love themselves. My family is so discouraging about
    me doing my natural hair journey Nd you know what thats okay because I’m no
    longer ignorant about “good hair vs bad hair” I got my last relaxer on
    April 15, 2014 and I’m NEVER getting them again..they’re damaging to not
    only my hair but killed my self esteem. I wore my transitioning hair out
    for the first time yesterday and people talked but I turned to them and
    said “I’m on a journey of self discovery, God’s got my back” I cannot wait
    to see where this hair journey continues to lead me. God Bless you and your
    beautiful family. 

  3. My daughter loves her Type 4 hair!! Here is what she has to say about going

    #naturalhair #type4 #4chairchick 

  4. Oh, i didn’t know she had relaxers before, i thought she’d been natural her
    whole life. Well, this was a beautiful video, and i’m glad she’s natural as

  5. So cute! This inspires me to go natural. By the way I’m on my moms account
    I’m ten. I’m so excited to go natural !!!

  6. I love the video and my daughter love the video as well. My daughter is
    natural and her hair is breaking off and shedding. Can you give me any
    suggestions or advice on how to maintain her hair and get it to grow. Thank

  7. This video had tears coming down my face . I love to see little girls
    embrace their natural hair. #TeamNatural!

  8. So cute & smart!! I never relaxed my daughters hair but I didn’t know how
    to rake care of it until I went natural. We both have healthy hair now and
    it makes me so happy that I’m not starting another generation off thinking
    they have to straighten their hair!!! 

  9. From the mouths of babes. Great video and her hair looks amazing. She is
    extremely intelligent and I wish all of our children can be this
    comfortable in their own skin this early in life. Thank you for sharing!