#62. How To: Crochet Braids w/ Marley Hair

#62. How To: Crochet Braids w/ Marley Hair


Crochet Braid done with using Marley Hair. Business Email: TiffanyNicholsDesign@gmail.com Keep up with me on Social Media. Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TiffanyNicholsDesign Facebook:…


  1. Hey Everyone….take a look at my “How To” Tutorial on the very popular
    Crochet Braid with Marley Hair. This style looks so realistic everyone
    will think it’s yours. I hope you like it!

  2. Great video! I think I’ll try this hairstyle but leave some of my hair out
    for a more natural look. Thanks again!

  3. Love how you make the video simply, I am doing my protective hair style
    right now and I love it.

  4. Awesome job. I have dredlocks and I actually wanna try this. Classy and
    natural. Love it. Well done!!

  5. I love this!!! I’m going to try it out! Do I have to worry about the
    crochet hair pulling my normal braids too much??

  6. I love the results!! I have a couple of questions. How many packs did you
    use? Also in having a hard time finding the hair you used. Is afro twist
    braid synthetic hair fine? Thanks

  7. OMG!!!! Simply gorgeous! :0) I noticed when you installed each piece of
    the Marley hair that you didn’t split the pieces? Also, it appeared that
    you allowed spacing between each latch installment on each braid? This was
    my first crochet style and I didn’t do too bad but I want to try it again
    with the use of this video as my inspiration to perfect this hairstyle.
    Thank you for your clear and precise instructions regarding how to achieve
    this very popular hairstyle! :0)

  8. when you rod the hair did you have to comb out it out some or just strait
    rods because i tried doing it without combing the marley hair out and it
    turned out real bushy instead of curly

  9. my scalp is very sensitive… would i have the same results if i brushed
    the hair out before installing it?? by the way i love you hair!!!