Ariel Natural Hair Email Q&Atw

Ariel Natural Hair Email Q&Atw


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  1. Just found your channel 3 months a go and I been loving you ever since 🙂
    you feel so refreshing and genuine witch it’s very hard to find on the
    YouTube land any how can’t wait to see what you have for us next week 

  2. shlinda, i like that idea. its very empowering and will bring nun but
    positivity. i wud luv to see an update 6-12 months from now, can u ask
    ariel to send an update pretty plz??? btw ariel, id suggest putting sum
    castor oil and mixing it with another oil and massaging ur scalp every
    other day. conscious about ur head in a twa? get sum big earrings!

  3. This is an awesome thing you’re doing. Tip Tuesday sounds good but I like
    Dreamers Q&A. I don’t have a day preference. Whatever is best for you and
    your family

  4. Today i cut my hair and shaved the back, had the same thing like Ariel.
    Short hair not even 1cm and long spots so I had to do that.
    Am still getting to know my hair. Last year it was growing so good.. Am
    still going to wear my wig but I do love my own hair 4c Hair has ups and
    downs. Thanks for this video. Helps me a lot
    And I like Nr 2. But dreamer is special 

  5. Great advice!! Ariel, girl let your hair breath!!! Stop putting that fake
    crap on your head cause it is killing your hair!! Get to know your and what
    it likes cause our hair has a way of letting us know what it needs,,so
    listen to your of luck to your Ariel and hang in there….