Black Women There Is A Reason Your Hair Wont Grow Past Your...

Black Women There Is A Reason Your Hair Wont Grow Past Your Shoulders #NaturalHair



  1. The dislikes will come from moms who guilty of doing this to their
    daughters. Dont be mad, Im trying to help yall change the game. How could
    you not at least respect that?

  2. major props for this video. i will be the first to admit that i saw the
    title of the video and was tempted to run away immediately with a bad taste
    in my mouth. then you started speaking and i was hooked within the first
    just straight up sense through and through.
    i remember going to through this before my own mother learned what was
    really best.
    goodness knows those perms when i was a kid! the blue magic! tight
    ponytails! rubber bands and barrets and twistie balls! skalp pulled so
    tight all the time. i didnt know anything else and neither did my mother
    for a long time.
    thank god she learned and lead the way. she did the big chop first and
    went through all the trials before me, so she knew how to teach me right.
    its so cool that you as a man know whats up and is saying the truth. i
    would be surprised to see much hate for this, cause its all facts. good
    stuff you said.
    black girls need to have pride. we have options and possibilities and as
    long as we a knowledge our hair and what it can do and how to care for it,
    we can do whatever we want. for ourselves. for our own beauty. not to
    meet the standard of another race. but to have beauty in our own right. 

  3. I think a lot of the black mans hate or disdain towards a lot of the
    PERSONAL choices black women makes for themselves is a reflection of
    self-hate. Black men hate when black women wear straight weaves & perms but
    love white women & long hair. They claim to have such a problem w/ women
    using skin bleach but light skinned & mixed raced women are on a pedestal
    in the black community, black men also hate a woman w/ as many kids as he
    got. Not speaking about niggas like Rob but the general population of black
    men are frauds when it comes to loving and uplifting his own race,
    especially the women. They secretly hate them or feel inferior to them but
    hide behind the guise of “standing for a black cause” to attack them. Be

  4. lol you’re sooooooo right, i stop putting chemicals in my hair about 6
    years ago and i swear i love my real natural hair better, and also black
    women hair don’t grow because of the ingredients that are in our products,
    i notice that most of the hair care products that are made for black people
    hair has stuff in it that is very damaging to our hair especially our
    shampoos, i’v learn to make my own oils, soaps, conditioners, and shampoos,
    i don’t think our biggest problem is hair bands nor braids because there
    are ways to ware braids and bands without damaging the hair, and bands and
    braids has always been in our culture, the question that needs to be ask is
    why are they putting stuff in our products only, that they know will
    certainly keep our hair from growing? it’s all about the money, as long as
    they keep us bald the more money they’ll make, for all my sisters EDUCATION
    IS KEY, stop buying their hair grease, shampoo, conditioners, oils weave
    and perms, 

  5. I think this video was dedicated to your mother and sister/s’ hair. You are
    clearly uneducated about black women’s hair. I am 100% black and my natural
    BLACK hair is waist length. I feel sorry for your mother and sisters. 

  6. We were never taught how to take care of our hair bc we were trained to
    straighten our hair as soon as we were old enough. I never had a perm b4
    and my hair is in the middle of my back. Black girls always make fun of my
    hair for being nappy but those are the same girls that are weaved up with a
    quarter inch of real hair. 

  7. yes i agree, my dads wife used to braid my little sisters hair at 1 year
    old, she even added yarn braids to a 1 year olds hair. too much pulling on
    a kids hair

  8. my hair is almost to my waist so………….. it depends on if you take
    care your hair or not I take care of mine so its longer, only some African
    American people hair wont grow past there shoulders. I am mixed with a lot
    of stuff but im still black.

  9. these are the reasons I can’t stand when people want to mock or make fun of
    beyonce’s baby: Blue ivy because she’s rocking her hair natural.

  10. Some of these comments are so sad. Not everyone’s hair grows at the same
    rate. That is nothing to be ashamed of. Just learn how to take care of
    it…I think is the point of his vid

  11. Black women in the 70’s 80’s started with the big afro long thick hair then
    the perm come to scene and fucked all these women hair up. Weave come after
    to patch up the short pieces now women wearing straight full wigs. Damn…

  12. My biggest problem with my hair growing is that I keep dying it, I used to
    get relaxers about 2 or 3 times every 6 months 2 years ago. My hair grows
    fairly quickly I just need to stop dying it that’s the biggest issue ._. 

  13. Society put this into their heads, smh. People with straight hair are
    accepted more by society sadly especially in Corporate America. I stopped
    relaxing my hair about 4 years about and its in the middle of my back (im
    now in the process of loc’ing my hair). When U was younger all I knew about
    was Pink Lotion Moisturizer, flat irons and going to the beautician every
    Friday after school, THATS ALL I KNEW ABOUT MY HAIR. I feel so much better
    now that Im natural, fuck society they can kiss my ass, I love my black
    heritage and the haters, Im proud to say my hair is past my shoulders due
    to the myth that black women cant grow their hair past their shoulders.

  14. My mom used to pull my hair tight every time,my hair never grew past my
    ears when I was little,then I came to America and got brain washed into
    getting relaxer,it did nothing but break my hair every time it would
    grow,now as a grown women I just started my natural hair journey and from
    what I see that our hair really do grow half an inch per month,I make sure
    not to pull my daughter hair,I will make sure she loves her natural hair.

  15. I remember this little girl I saw, no more than 5 running around with a

  16. I’m pretty sure everyone’s hair can grow as long as they want it to be. It
    all depends on how well you take care of your hair :/ I’m one year and
    three months natural and my hair is already shoulder length and getting
    closer to past shoulder length. I’m also 100% African American.

  17. ATTENTION! This is the #ALLnaturalHAIRchallenge Please don’t take this
    offensive ladies! But our hair is beautiful! Black people are the only ones
    blessed w/ this beautiful, kinky, curly hair! I feel like society has
    brainwashed the world into thinking that “light skinned is the right skin”
    and if your hair isn’t straight and/or blonde, then you’re not good enough!
    And that’s a damn lie!
    There is nothing wrong w/ wearing weave! I used to be a weave head myself!
    But weave should be an accessory, not a NECESSITY!
    Think about how much money you spend on hair a year! What if there was no
    more weave? How many of you would be secure w/ wearing your REAL hair?!
    I want to encourage black women to give their natural hair a try! Don’t be
    ashamed of your hair! We can grow our own hair down to our backs just like
    any other! I will post pics for reference, if you want!
    It’s time to embrace our roots! There is no woman like us!
    Please take my words into consideration!

  18. I absolutely love your views!!! My mom was a woman that did not play about
    my hair. She raised me chemical free and rarely put heat in my hair. As I
    grew older I was putting heat in my hair until 2012 when I noticed my hair
    was beginning to have heat damage. I completely stopped using heat and
    shampoo and started co washing and using natural product and homemade oils.
    I begin to see a big change in my hair and decided that I would rock my
    natural wavy/curly pattern and use heat every few years just as a length
    check. so far, its been a wonderful hair journey. Also, my hair has grown
    to bra length. my goal is grow it to the middle of my back.