Co Washing Tight Curly Natural Hair

Co Washing Tight Curly Natural Hair



  1. Hello Alicia I know that you use herbal essence hello hydration on your
    hair which I started using a year ago on my daughters hair and her hair
    loves it. But any who, I am transitioning back to natural and would like to
    know if i could use herbal essence hello hydration on my hair?

    I’m like 80% natural 20% relaxed.

  2. amazing voice, beautiful hair and gorgeous face! thanks 4 sharing 😀 I’ve
    been in a hair journey for a while and never heard about oil rinsing 😮 got
    try that ;)

  3. In the past , i have invested a lot of money in buying different products.
    but haven’t got any better results than Arga nlife .I hope this helps.

  4. Hello Alicia. Have you used any Giovanni products. I was thinking about
    trying the Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Calming Conditioner and the
    Direct Leave-In. Have you used any of these products if you have used
    Giovanni products?

  5. I put evoo in my conditioner. The only problem I have with co washing is
    residue because I rinse with very cold water, it leaves my hair shiny soft
    and more manageable. Your hair is beautiful by the way, I thought tight
    curls was more course than your hair. Anyway, Thanks for the video.