Here is my video on how I colored my hair Infra Red by Manic Panic. I love the results! Edited By: JazzyPandaa For business inquiries or reviews please email me at: Fol.


  1. New subbie, because your personality is awesome! Also, I have been in the
    red craze too for the past year. L’Oréal hi-color gave me the best results
    ever. I maintain it with the Ion brights semi-permanent haircolor. I mix
    3/4 tube of the red with 1/4 tube of the purple for the front, and then 3/4
    of the remaining purple with the remaining 1/4 of red for the back. Perfect
    blend of purple/red.

  2. Im gonna try this before valentines day what is the color you had before
    you put the manic panic on?

  3. I think I’m going to try it, but i have locs. I want some a bit more red
    than pink. Do you know of another? Maybe a brown/red? I already have a
    faded medium to light brown now but that manic seems like the truth. I’m
    tired of bleaching to get color and that jazz situation happened to me i
    was so upset. It barely took. I’m done with them.

  4. Hi! I’ve been looking around and doing my research and came across you and
    you were very helpful! You also have a great upbeat attitude, I felt like
    I’ve known you forever, lol, it’s great. I’m trying to decide whether I
    want to highlight my hair and I know I want to stay away from bleaching and
    other agents that can be damaging to my natural hair as well. I will
    definitely research more about Manic Panic. Thank you!

  5. i loved your personality immediately you are a sweetheart! i’ve heard great
    things about pravana color if youa re interested in the future! did you
    bleach or lighten your hair prior?

  6. That color looks really pretty and goes well with the black. I hope it
    lasts longer this time so you can enjoy it. 

  7. Hey, I used manic panic for several years. It’s a great temp color
    treatment with no harsh chemicals. However you have to use a lot of
    product for the color to take. I used to leave my color (flamingo pink) in
    my hair over night…. anyhow good luck. Thanks 4 sharing

  8. I love the way you present this video – just met you but like you already!
    (doctor Who for the winn 😀 ) Great personality and you did a wonderfull
    job here.

  9. You’re so pretty! This video was also helpful. I’m not looking to dye my
    roots and I only want the top dyed like yours. Great vid! 

  10. Hii I have a question about the manic panic long did/does it
    last?? Im trying to figure out whether I should use manic panic of ion
    brilliance brights to revive my red hair 🙂