Crochet Braids Straight (Kanekalon) Hair

Crochet Braids Straight (Kanekalon) Hair



  1. yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss I freakin love your hair like omg….. you was
    like aint nobody gonna believe this my hair I died

  2. Very pretty! Yeah I am like that too. As long as it looks great for me I
    mean, hey it is what it is. I actually like the knots showing a little bit.
    I think sometimes the more realistic you try to make some styles look, the
    more it does not. So to me this is a flawless look 🙂 great job I know…I
    know I am all late thou but great work!

  3. love your hair…can i use all black and gold though the hold head of my
    hair, and how Long does the hair hold… for ex. 4 weeks 2 months and can
    you comb and brush the hair

  4. May you show us how cut it to thin it out? or what is the best way to thin
    it out? I have the same problem; used too much hair and it’s really bulky

  5. The hair is lovely! Just wondering if at 9:15 does that or could it cause
    breakage? Have you experienced breakage?

  6. That side part is a bit wide. Other than that , it’s looks great. The color
    compliments your skin tone and it’s full. I love it

  7. How hot is this hair? I want to do a long kanekalon but apprehensive due to
    how hot the hair might be…. Thought?

  8. You’d be beautiful with no hair, but damn, it turned out so gorgeous! Thank
    you for the tutorial! I just discovered this method and I thank you for
    showing me how it’s done right. Thanks so much!