DO IT YOURSELF: How To Make Your Own Deep Conditioner At Home...

DO IT YOURSELF: How To Make Your Own Deep Conditioner At Home (All Natural)


EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO Aren’t you tired of always buying deep conditioners? Well…why not make your own!! This recipe is very simple. What you will need for deep conditioner * 1 or…


  1. Try this for a deep conditioning treatment greek yogurt, avacado, a regular
    banana, a plantain banana, olive oil mayo, cocunut milk, essential oils,
    mint, castor oil, shea butter, flaxseed, mango, keratin, honey, flaxseed
    oil, and whey protein, Make a lot of conditioner but very good for your

  2. I’ve heard some use banana baby food 🙂 I guess that would help omit
    banana chunks for those who don’t mix well

  3. I wasn’t sure if this was for any hair type or just black hair. I am white
    with coarse, frizzy hair that has been color damaged. I tried this out,
    blending it minus the coconut milk because I didn’t have any. I left it on
    for a couple of hours then washed it out with Dawn dish washing soap.
    After it dried, it didn’t look much different, but it felt smoother and
    healthier. After I used a flat iron straightener that can curl the ends, I
    was very amazed! For the first time ever, the ends of my hair look healthy
    and have bounce. I’m 51 years old, lol! I’m very happy with these results
    – thank you so much for the recipe!

  4. This is great and I plan on trying this soon. What water temperature do you
    wash it out with? Cold or warm?

  5. I used a pretty similar mask with regular milk & both olive & cocounut oil
    & i didnt use honey cuz i couldn’t find it & the original receipe haven’t
    contained it amount the ingredients , i left it on for 2 hours & the
    results were AMAZING ! i highly recomend it 🙂

  6. I would have liked to see the results and also I noticed you used four
    spoons of milk and not two, at least get it right. I think you should
    remove this video as it is pointless, you don’t see any results and you
    can’t even count. Rubbish!!!!!

  7. can’t wait to hit the grocery store this weekend and try thissss I bet it
    smells shaamaazing!! i use coconut oil to wash my face and my step mom made
    me a lotion from it as well!! I’m beyond excited to try this lol

  8. OMG… i tried banana with honey, ACD and squeeze of lemon.. after about
    2hrs post hair wash, my hair feels the healthiest ever!! It gave me shine
    and tamed down the fizziness in my hair!! Loved this mask and am gng to use
    it regularly!!!

  9. I appreciate you sharing…..I read later after I put the mixture on my
    hair that I could use it on dry or shampoo hair. Thank you so much! :0

  10. Does any one know whether you should wash this out with just water or
    should you wash it out with shampoo and conditioner?

  11. I have a really bad skin allergy to coconut, what other type if “milk” can
    I use instead of the coconut milk? Any suggestions are appreciated.

  12. I dyed my hair 2 days ago. Can i still use this hair mask or is it going to
    do something weird shit to it? Pls someone answer!