FAMILY VLOG part four | TAYLOR’S WASH DAY & BUN (Natural Kids)

FAMILY VLOG part four | TAYLOR’S WASH DAY & BUN (Natural Kids)



  1. OMG!! This was the cutest. I love that you involve your girls in the
    process. Taylor is definitely a mini version of you. Super cute and you
    always come up with the cutest hairstyles for her and Skylar. 

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Taylor. U were awesome !! “It gives you slip ”
    awwwwwwww lol. Where can i get CD4k, target ?

  3. I’m so loving the way your girls are loving their hair. . Thanks for
    inspiring them to love everything about themselves-From head to toe!!.
    Amazing job Yolanda and Devon

  4. ‘Sooooo amazing!’ That was beyond,great job Taylor! Its like u left her to
    the dang thing. Go Taylor! 

  5. Hey Yolanda! I love your artwork and am wanting to know if you or another
    graphic designer you know makes logos? Im starting my own business and
    website and need a gorgeous logo to go with the concept. Thank you!