Flat Twist Protective Hairstyle on Natural Hair – SimplYounique

Flat Twist Protective Hairstyle on Natural Hair – SimplYounique


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  1. This hair style saved me this morning!! I was in a rush and was getting
    frustrated with my hair and I remembered this style. Thanks for posting
    this!! :-)

  2. Oh God! I do never ever make a comment on videos or anywhere, but this hair
    style is so amazing, and you’re also really gorgeous woman!

    Thank’s for making this tutorial, cause i was getting lost with my curls,
    you gave me many ideas to twist this style, because actually my hair is
    longer and I didn’t like wearing my natural hair because I can not control
    it (but also I want to reduce the heat even if I’m just using it now once
    every two weeks) but I will definitely try this now.

    Once again, thanks, you really safe me to reduce even more the heat! =)
    Much blessings, XO~

  3. I love watching your videos. I can wait until my hair get long enough to do
    some of the things you. Love it.

  4. omg I love your videos that is soooooooooooo simple!!!!!! please keep
    making your wonderful videos they are so helpful… THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Love it! Thanks for your videos! I love your channel and you look sooo
    beautiful when doing all your hairstyles, like you truly love and embrace
    your natural hair- that’s the difference in why you’re so pupular. Thanks
    for making going natural beautifully possible. 🙂

  6. Lovely and work appropriate! Its great to see how long your hair has
    gotten! Great job maintaining length…

  7. I know I am hecka late. But I just want to say that I really like your
    tutorial. The way you teach allows me to learn it slowly..but properly. And
    you have gorgeous hair and a pretty voice. thanx

  8. Giiiirrrl! You are so talented. Your make-up & clothes are always perfect,
    the instructions are clear & spoken in a distinctive voice. Also, you
    fast-forward some things so the videos aren’t too long. The music is cool &
    a variety of styles, plus you show the styles from different angles
    afterwards. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  9. very cute style. my hair is in a version of this right now. I needed a
    break from hair for a while. I really like it!

  10. hair manipulation is the best way to break natural curly hair. this type of
    hair style can last more than a week. It reduce manipulation thus reduces
    breakage for this (I think) It is called protective hairstyle.

  11. Thanks for this tutorial. This style is perfect for the hot, humid weather.
    Love the fact that you have such quality music playing in the background.
    Please tell us, who’s that great band?