Good Hair? Natural Hair, the workplace and celebrity children



    1. I was watching a video and my take on that article is this only in United
      States that white people on quote look it locs like what is that. Go to
      Australia or England white people have locks 2 only in the United States do
      we look at it like whats that!!!!

    2. There’s nothing wrong with Zahara’s hair. Her hair is clean, moisturized
      and it’s worn free It can be worn free and out, as long as it’s clean and
      cared for. Black people are the ones who have the biggest problem with the
      natural texture of our hair. Always. White people aren’t nearly as
      concerned as we think. There are professional natural styles. However, if
      you can’t rock with confidence, then there’s no need in trying to fake what
      you can’t make. Do you and get thru the interview.

    3. @npkandi Some Koreans looked at me funny because I am now wearing my own
      natural hair. Lulz! Even had an attitude now that I am no longer chained to
      the ties of white beauty slavery!

    4. And as new211 stated, if an employer won’t hire you because of your hair,
      you shouldn’t want to work there anyway. Having to hide your natural hair,
      or relaxing your hair, just to get/keep a job is not a good idea; this
      career will more than likely be very short lived.

    5. I completely agree; it seems as if Black people are the ones not accepting
      the natural hair texture, I can’t imagine that white people put as much
      thought into as we believe. The same way you would never walk into work
      with your scarf on, I don’t believe you should walk into work with an afro
      that looks like you just rolled out of bed, but I don’t think the afro is
      an unprofessional style. If your hair been properly “combed” out, I think
      it is perfectly acceptable to wear an afro to work.

    6. As a white woman, I agree that whites don’t usually care about black hair.
      Natural styles are accepted in most places, though some are more familiar
      than others. Some, like Bantu knots, might seem “weird” to some whites.
      It’s just a matter of time and exposure. Would help if celebs would ditch
      the blond weaves. I don’t know what to do with my sister’s curly hair, let
      alone kinky hair, so if I had a black daughter, I’d ask for instruction.
      But no perms! I don’t like that for kids.

    7. I wore an a-fro proudly for 14 years before attempting locs. As far as
      this author, seems like a personal problem. She won’t stop the revolution.
      Anyway I love that you are as so many of us are, not offering any apologies
      for loving ourselves totally. As for the issue of Angelina, she in my
      opinion is giving her daughter a great gift. Allowing her to feel her roots
      literally. Allah is great, bless her for that.

    8. i def think that she should hire someone to do the childs hair. i applaud
      her though for keeping it natural, but it does need to be maintained. i
      believe any hair that is kept clean is appropriate for the work place. i’d
      go to an interview with an afro, definitely. but i wouldn’t feel
      comfortable until the interview started. if that makes sense?? great vid.

    9. Exactly. We should be concerned about why we seem to have the strongest
      disdain for what makes us…black. A lot of white folks notice that,
      believe me. Where’s the concern about that? Allison Samuels got her behind
      chewed out, as she should have.. Many black folks don’t even know the
      natural properties of kinky, coily hair. What a shame. We get uptight, when
      we need to get an education about our own hair, and what it does, and looks
      like, and feels like.

    10. For the child- For God’s sake – she is a child. I thought her hair was
      beautiful out and free. To me – free natural moisturized cared for hair is
      beautiful. We as Black people are hung up on the wrong thing (especially
      for children). Who cares what white people think. We have the power to
      change some of those reasonable assumptions. I have no more money to give
      to the damn Koreans for weave etc. I keep my hair clean and kemp, What more
      can be asked?

    11. That’s right, it’s so simpleminded to get caught up on hair when there are
      so many homeless children out there.

    12. You know even if people are staring, it may not be negative, they may just
      think you’re hair looks interesting and want to ask you about it.

    13. since i got a relaxer like 10yrs ago i regret it so much i was much more
      happier with natural hair..just braided

    14. What in the world! Angelina should let her daughter wear her hair out &
      teach her to love it! That hair is God Given so how DARE someone say such
      bad comments about a child! Thats first of all…. Second, my TWA (teeny
      weenie fro) is that ISH! My afro isnt unprofessional @ all! I love it…
      Third, Ive worn my afro to an interview & guess what… I GOT THE JOB!
      Natural hair is not unprofessional because its BEAUTIFUL! Check out my
      natural hair videos out @NatuRhoBlackBarbie PEACEEEE!!!!

    15. 1. Angelina should be educated on how to do her daughters hair (if she
      already isn’t) or hire someone to do it (in it’s natural state). 2. Natural
      hair is percieved by most ppl as threatening/unprofessional, blah blah
      blah. It sucks that people are so ignorant. I don’t think this though. 3. I
      would be soooo uncomfortable going out in an interview, esp in this
      economy, you dont want to risk a job bc of somehthing so stupid as hair
      texture. Usually i straighten my hair and wear it up.

    16. cont: BUT, lately i have been going out on interviews with my
      haircurly/coily (up in a bun), and i have gotten horrible stares. I was
      terrified of what everyone was thinking, but I actually got a job with my
      natural hair, in a semi professional environment. So everyone isnt
      ignorant. It was a risk and I may have missed out on a good (or better) job
      but i was willing to do it because im tired of conforming to everyone else.
      Great video, thought provoking!

    17. wow, I am not sure that two and one half years later my comment to your
      questions even matter, however answer them. But first I have to compliment
      your super beautiful crown. I too have fewer locs than many people I see
      here at youtube. I have been searching for persons here with a close amount
      of locs as I have. to get an idea of what they might look like grown out. I
      have a few less than you, but my mind is at ease about the possibility of
      my final outcome.