Hair Growth Mask For All Hair Types

Hair Growth Mask For All Hair Types


If you have a Sensitive Scalp I would Test it out on a very small area of your dry scalp, Damping your scalp my irritate it. Definitely test it out before you apply it to your entire scalp. And use as much cinnamon as you can tolerate you should customize the recipe to the needs of your scalp. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in this video/ recipe. This is the mixture “I” use for “MY” hair/ scalp. Customize it for your scalp/hair. I do this once a month.


Mustard Powder warms up the scalp and causes a rush of blood flow to the hair follicles, it also strengthens the scalp and nourishes the hair.

Ground Cinnamon stimulates (Tingles Sensation) scalp circulation helping hair growth

Video Credit: BabilonKay