Havana Twists Step By Step Hair Tutorial Jumbo Senegalese/ Invisible Root Marley...

Havana Twists Step By Step Hair Tutorial Jumbo Senegalese/ Invisible Root Marley Twist Method Part 2


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  1. I had to come BACK to comment! I have watched your videos and I must admit
    it is amazing! Very very informative!! I tried the twist method but they
    became loose quickly at the roots. The style looked old fast bc of it. So I
    watched another video of yours and added the hair differently. Im going to
    try the twist method again in a few weeks w a new color.However Im going to
    try the perimeter then crochet the rest. All from your videos of course!
    The last time I went to a salon was in 1999 for prom. Coming across your
    tutorials is a BLESSING!! Keep up the great work!

  2. You are a great teacher! I just did this to my hair with your suggestions
    and it looks fabulous!! So happy. You saved me an expensive trip to the
    salon, lol!!!

  3. Breanna I need help um…. Does the big braids make your hair grow or the
    small braids I’m confuse because I search up online and some say no and
    some say yes 

  4. it worked!!! i did them smaller tho but this video helped me alot im trying
    to let my hair grow out and these havana twist help.

  5. i have shoulder-length long, medium locks and would like to wear these
    braids. will it look good and dreads?

  6. You look like my sister and she’s pretty and your my favorite hair
    style tutorials and tips for hair grown breana I love you so much I just
    love everything hairstyles Iove do not stop making videos because right now
    your helping girls and women grow their hair ignore the negative comments 

  7. I love watching your video’s. If you all would please join my facebook
    group Au So Natural International and Au So Natural Divas of Augusta..
    Follow me on twitter @ausonatural and Instagram ausonatural.. I shared your
    video with my groups as well. Thanks everyone. Peace and blessings..