How To Get Curly Hair + Curl Sponge Tutorial w/ Shea Moisture

How To Get Curly Hair + Curl Sponge Tutorial w/ Shea Moisture


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  1. My hair is nappy as fuck, so i got them natural curls. its kinda sad.
    Getting a comb through this shit is a chore. Picks help, but then my hair
    gets hard as fuck after the water dries. The struggles are real.

  2. first I got to say this is a great video !! I have never seen or heard of
    this curl sponge !! thanks for the info and god bless !!

  3. just cut my dreads off after 15 years….is there a name for how your hair
    is cut? thats the style i want but am not sure how to explain it to the

  4. This is just what I need for my hair !!!Fantastic product it look sooooo
    goooooood!!!!!!!!Thank U very much!!!! God Bless u for sharing!

  5. So it’s basically a waaaaaay cheaper nudred?
    I use a sponge I got from home depot but an actual product may be better.
    Thanks for the link!
    Btw I go in a counter-clockwise motion but a lot of other people do it in
    regular clockwise does it matter?

  6. I kid you not. I promise you I just ordered this exact sponge from a couple of days ago. I enjoyed watching this video. You have
    the same texture of hair as my son. I love how his hair looks after it’s

  7. Our hair grows in a clockwise motion just like Tornados and Hurricanes
    Mother Natures way especially those of us who have a tight curl, so sponge
    and twist clockwise and it enhances the growth.

  8. I think this was a great video of course but since im a kid I can’t go to
    atlanta think i could find the products in Tennessee