HOW TO rollerset my THICK natural hair: Episode#2

HOW TO rollerset my THICK natural hair: Episode#2



  1. LOL! I’m a very resilient person all in all, lol! Thanks for the love girl
    🙂 Saturday’s epidode is da one! D: (I was on a roll), lol!

  2. oh. I’ll have to get back to you on that. But my other videos give a fair
    idea as i stretch certain areas out here and there.MY OFFICIAL LENGTH CHECK
    WILL BE BROADCAST IN JANUARY-1 YR NATIRAL 🙂 My hair diaries video shows
    how low i chopped, and again in my trimming/dusting my natural hair, i also
    show a pic of my big chop in January. I transitioned for 6 months so i am
    counting going natural from January seeing as i didn’t transition for that
    long anyway 🙂

  3. Heeeeyyy! Awww, thanks for dropping by and commenting! 🙂 (YAY!) Stay
    tuned if ya can especially on Saturday for GRANDE FINALE! Music and pics
    will be included! woop woop! D: 😉

  4. YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I’ve missed you i’ve missed you! My word! I can’t
    believe it’s you!!! Go girl!! I was so vex that i actually didn’t find your
    daughter on here and sub as that could of been my only link. How is she?
    Hope she is well and yourself. Please keep in touch. I’m about to write on
    your wall so do read xox WELCOME ABOARD MY FRIEND 🙂

  5. HIYA! Thanks babes for staying tuned still! D: I’m down with your method 🙂
    I do own a braun 5 satin hair dryer, but i used it once and wasn’t sure it
    was for me…But after further research, i has seen where i went wrong, so
    i will put that to use maybe Christmas eve… D: Lol@ 5th result, lol. I
    personally was very impressed with my FINAL try which i will upload on
    Saturday. My happiness will show of course, hehe! Thanks for tuning in! 🙂

  6. I personally didn’t realize the mic was so clear until listening back to my
    video! D: That little thing delivers harrrdddd! LOL! it’s a Sony one 🙂

  7. Can’t wait to see 5the results I roller set my natural hair last yr with
    lotta body setting lotion and a tap of hair grease to smooth my ends I sat
    under the dryer about 30 min and let it finish drying over night I it was
    very pretty in the morning

  8. Girl those rollers bring me way back in the day. Sleeping on them must have
    been a trip. I want to see the results

  9. Hey you!!! I found ya! I just went on Natural sunshine and saw that you
    were gone… Found ya!! Heeeey! 🙂

  10. I can’t sleep in those things. I snatch them out in my sleep. I will wake
    up in the morning with all of the ones in the back on the floor.