Is Hair Dye Damaging To Natural Hair or Relaxed Hair? Dying African...

Is Hair Dye Damaging To Natural Hair or Relaxed Hair? Dying African American Black Hair



  1. Can you make a homemade non damaging hair dye and relaxer. Because I want
    to dye and relax my hair but I want it not to be damaged and to fall out.
    Or if you can’t can you give me some brands that you like.

  2. I tried to pursue my mom by letting me dye my hair but… this video made
    it a bad presentation… thanks

  3. Is it safe to dye and relax my hair the same day? My hair is very thick and
    can withstand a lot but I’m not sure if its a safe thing to do

  4. I dyed/bleached my hair 4 within a period of 4 months. It’s all about how
    you take care if it afterwards. Just deep condition. 

  5. Thank you for your video on hair dye. I touched up my roots 2 days ago and
    I now hate my blond hsir. Everyone keeps telling me they love it. But I
    don’t like what I see when I look in the mirror, like I used to when I was
    younger. I heard you say you have to bleach your hair to start with a blank
    canvas. Well, I have been wearing my hair golden blond for years. My hair
    is half natural and has chemical on the other end. So my hair looks like a
    natural afro right now. I don’t have a problem with that. The chemical is
    about 7 months old. So basically my hair looks like it is all natural. I
    always treat my hair before and after dying with reconstructor and the best
    conditioner I can find and I still use moisturizer on the ends. I also got
    some jamician black castor oil, and I am going to get under my heating cap
    today. Now my question I want to change my color to a soft brown, but I am
    afraid if I do it too soon it will fall out. But I don’t want to wait 6
    weeks before I change my hair. I don’t like rinses because I had a bad
    experience with a henna rinse years and my hair fell out. How soon can I
    darken my hair without it falling out. Thanks for your help.

  6. Almost and about to dying my hair…. But am keeping my natural color
    irrespective…. Thanks and I love all your videos!!!

  7. dying is very bad for hair i can’t see why us african americans can’t seem
    to realize this
    my sister mother aunt hell even my dad never dyed his hair

  8. Thank you so much girl, great advice especially since I’m dying my hair.
    Thanks continue the good work.

  9. Breanna, You are the BOMB, Girlfriend! I really appreciate your level of
    knowledge, experience and ability to clearly and thoroughly articulate it
    to viewers. This is a great lesson and you ROCK, sister!