Jamaican Black Castor Oil || Natural Hair #5

Jamaican Black Castor Oil || Natural Hair #5



  1. Yep, it was the horror of my childhood. My mother used it to cure all
    ailments. I think she used the dietary version. The funny thing is this I
    have three sisters, if one was sick WE ALL had to drink a spoonful of
    castor oil and yes, it was always yellowish in color. I’m a southern Black
    American woman.

  2. yes do your own research when it comes to anything you want to try. i’ve
    heard things that people say about products I know they are just repeating
    what they hear from others. castor oil is a must have for so many of the
    uses you mentioned great video tfs!

  3. How do you store castor oil? you said something about sun light? Do you
    recccommnd keeping it in a cupboard or anywhere dark? or it doesnt really
    matter where you store it? Thanks

  4. I love caster oil its my favorite oil and I like to use it on my face or as
    lip gloss.Good video girl :-)

  5. Your probably on of my favorite YouTube right now because when you say
    stuff about the Haitian culture, I can relate so much.It’s sooo hilarious.

  6. hey love your vids I’m from St. Lucia..we speak creole also but I’m not so
    fluent in it..nice to see Caribbean ppl doing hair vids