Length Check 3 | Natural Black Hair Growth Journey- 18 Month Natural...

Length Check 3 | Natural Black Hair Growth Journey- 18 Month Natural post Big Chop (Jan 2015)



  1. Great progress. You’re hair looks so healthy! Your skin looks great too.
    Can we expect any skin care vids in the future?

  2. Your hair has been growing so much, and you are doing a wonderful job
    retaining length! Great Job!! Thank you for the length check!

  3. Hi Jass I haven’t been looking at videos for the past 2 weeks I had my
    brother too pass away with cancer and that has been very hard too deal with
    because he didn’t tell us that he was sick until the very end. But about
    your hair it is looking gorgeous and thick and healthy looking. Thanks so
    much for sharing with us. I have to get with you about the Shea butter mix.
    Where do I need too inbox you at. Thanks in advance have a blessed week.
    Love you guys

  4. Congrats!!! I’m soooo glad to see how ell you’re doing. You’ve worked hard
    and deserve this payoff!! Simply inspirational. Go girl!!!

  5. OMG! Amazing results….I am so HAPPY for you! Each time I watched one of
    your videos my heart hurt for you, I am just elated at your progress.
    Amazing things happen in due time, your growth is a testament to that. Keep
    up the good work and I look forward to your next video.

  6. Thanks for this! I too have stress alopecia on my head(my right side) and
    have had to shave an undercut to start over. Seeing your amazing progress
    gives me hope! Beautiful results! And you really do favour the gorgeous
    Erykah Badu!!!

  7. Hay you go girl love your videos thank you for being so open with us all
    your amazing thanks I’ve looked up some more things on health hair and skin
    have you heard of msn I’m going to start taking it it’s supposed to be
    great for everything also glutathione check it out stay blessed

  8. Wow…Im so loving the ride on this journey with you. So inspiring, so
    motivational. Your hair looks healthy and whole. Keep going. Xo