My Experience w/ Moisturizing & Maintaining An Afro

My Experience w/ Moisturizing & Maintaining An Afro



  1. +Veronica Schatz Veronica, thank you so much for your comments and
    support. Also, you are so right in your assessment of my stylist and some
    of the motives and the dark heart. Not sure what the deal is, but this is
    why she is no longer my stylist. Unfortunately, I have not found anyone I
    can trust to care for my natural/slightly texturized hair (e.g., they
    either want to brush or roughly comb my wet hair, keep me in the salon for
    6+ hours, etc.). It’s so funny I just dyed it myself this week. Praise
    the Lord for a product I found at Whole Foods.

    So I have been wearing my afro everywhere I go, and I am keeping my head
    held up high. Thanks again, and you be blessed!

  2. Late, but I fully agree with many people here, manipulation and rough
    handling are awful. I rock a fro too, and I tend to pull with fingers and
    gently comb for shape only, but if I can figure a way I let the comb touch
    me only once a week, that’s what I’ll do.

    I’ll look around your channel to see if you answer this, but what do you do
    a night? Do you just wrap? I’m trying to stay away from braiding/twisting
    at night, looking for suggestions. 🙂

  3. Sistah,
    S ounds like your Hairdresser forms a lot of opinions on how you should
    care for your hair, when it’s in a natural afro state, her opinions spew
    with such envy and hostility, I most certainly hope you never visit her
    shop again.

    You never allow someone who has a dark heart and iron hand to do your hair,
    they are unfortunately in a bad place, and seek out people who they feel
    they can manipulate.
    When you are in a good place, with people who love and support you, your
    taking great care of yourself inside and out, people like your hairdresser
    will envy you.

    Stay strong, keep smiling, wear your Afro wherever you go, with your head
    held up high, and keep being the stunning beautiful black woman that you
    God Bless. 

  4. It sounds like you should investigate some of the naturalistas on Youtube
    who discuss (and know about) porosity. I think that in checking your
    porosity, you can check the ingredient lists on products to see whether
    they have the greatest potential to do what you need for your hair.

  5. I was shocked at your hair stylists’ attitudes. Of course you don’t have
    to get used to rough handling of your hair. Of course that will cause
    breakage! A BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH?!?! ON AN AFRO?!?!

  6. Buy shampoo that is organic with no sulfates. The shampoos that you are
    using are drying out your hair. Stylists make money selling stuff that is
    not organic or good for your hair. Shea moisture would be a recommendation.
    Qhemet Biologics is popular and constantly selling out.

  7. After trying many methods, I found my solution.
    #1- For my skin(during the winter) – VEGETABLE GLYCERINE!! I use my regular
    lotion from whole foods(365 Maximum Moisture) and add vegetable glycerine
    on top .ASHY SKIN GONE!
    #2- For hair – CASTOR OIL!!!! After I wash my hair, I sprintz my hair with
    my oil bottle mixture(coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender
    essential oil, rosemary essential oil). Then, I add a small hand size is
    castor oil. Put a plastic cap over your head for 30 minutes. Do not rinse
    out. Syle your afro and go. You will have no problems combing your hair on
    a daily basis. I comb thru my hair every day with no knots. You just get
    the regular shedding.

  8. I do not comb my har-period! I use my fingers because my hair is so fragile
    and curly. It would break like twigs, so the comb and I are divorce.
    Fortunately, my hair is so thick so the process is easier. Maybe you can
    find a stylist that understands your hair because you’re paying too much to
    go through these changes. Your hair is beautiful.

  9. S curl moisture spray (for jerri curls) is the BEST product for moisure.
    It s black womans staple product for daily use 

  10. You are correct… For me, combing=breakage!!! I lightly finger detangle as
    I retwist/rebraid nightly and thoroughly finger detangle every 1 or 2 weeks
    when I cowash. You may need a new!

  11. Good morning! I haven’t put a comb nor brush in my natural hair in at least
    3 years now, and never will again if I can help it. So sorry you have to
    put your fro away. Thanx for sharing.