Natural Hair | 2 Styles Tutorial

Natural Hair | 2 Styles Tutorial


Instagram: @colouredbeautiful Makeup tutorial: Water Leave-in Conditioner Olive Oil Gel Brush Ouchless Bands (ponytail holder) Bobby Pins Sock.


  1. U have such beautiful hair i cant wait until my hair goes back to its self
    i decided to go natural n i love it keep on showing the hair

  2. I know your hair is short now, but how did you get your hair to grow so
    fast? I am so jealous!!! Just kidding. But seriously, I know you’re not a
    hairdresser, but I have been trying to grow my hair for over one year and I
    barely have three inches…what the hay??? I can’t figure out what products
    my hair really needs. One minute it’s too dry, the next it’s too porous.
    I’m ready to start from scratch again (but not really). Aaarrrrggghhhh!!!!!

    Any advice/encouragement would be greatly appreciated. 

  3. Please and please do a video on how you got your hair from your big chop to
    this full beauty? I have been watching you for 2yrs and saw you TWA and
    then suddenly, you had this big hair. Please share your secrets or tips.
    Like products you used from the beginning and along the way till now. cut
    my hair too but it seems stagnant!

  4. I always “she is so pretty” everytime I watch one of your videos and OMG
    your hair grew out fast – my goodness.

  5. really? i seen the vid on when she was talking about it but i didnt know it
    was temporary , .. cause i absolutely love it and for my 1st time dying my
    hair i want it that red/purple color

  6. lol i did the same style on the end on Thanksgiving as a last resort priort
    to watching this was my first time wearing my natural hair in
    another style other than the regular “ol’ bun” now im watching this and not
    feeling so bad about the style it actually looked really cute 🙂