Natural Hair: (Fall Protective Styles) Wearable 2 Strand Twists

Natural Hair: (Fall Protective Styles) Wearable 2 Strand Twists


READ ME the twists lasted 3 weeks. I took them out and wore them in a twistout as well as a high puff. In total this one style lasted me 1 month. -NEW HOW TO MAKE YOUR TWISTS LAST 30 DAYS…


  1. Hi. I’m watching and its like I’m looking at my hair. Never seen anyone
    else on youtube with my textured hair. Happy dance. will be watching the
    rest of your videos. Just subbed as well.

  2. Hi there! I apologize in advance if someone else already asked this
    question and yo have to respond again, but may I ask how long do you wear
    these twists for before you take them down?

  3. I love wearing these twists man! my hair started growing so much faster I
    notice after I started wearing the twists and they so much easier then
    having to retwist at night everynight and then take down hair in the
    morning to wear twist outs. And then my hair doesn’t tangle as easy with
    them either. I used to use gel to do my twists too, but my hairs a little
    wavier so the ends stay curled tighter for longer and the edges don’t get
    dry so I quit buying gels and extra products now I just use a leave in
    conditioner and spritz it with a oil+water+leave in mixture, they hold just
    as good and hair stay soft.

  4. Great tutorial and relaxing video. I just did twists a few days ago in
    preparation for the chilly weather and I just adore mini twists now. I
    think twists should be a default hairstyle. It’s just so convenient.

  5. Very beautiful!!! This video is giving me an island vibe even though you’re
    playing neo jazz. Love it

  6. Thanks!! I have finally found someone who has think hair like mine and our
    curl pattern is about the same. I have worn wearable twists for a few days
    and then as a puff. It definitely helps make it through the work week.

  7. Fantastic!! I must have missed this video. Definitely a keeper!! I have
    watching them all day. Love love your hair!! I’ve always wanted to wear my
    twists out but they are not neat enough to me or fall in a style like
    yours. Love the braiding tip too! Must try this for my next twist out. On
    to the take down video! TFS!!

  8. I know this has nothing to do with the mini twist but I really like your
    natural eyebrows, the make your eyes look prettier 🙂 

  9. Beautiful job! It really work for you. The twist beautifully shapes your
    already lovely face. Question: How long can you leave in the twists? I’m
    thinking about doing something like that for my hair because I’m trying to
    keep from combing my hair for awhile. Even with a very wide tooth comb it
    still pulls out more hair than I would like to lose. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You have really inspired me to try these again! The only thing is that the
    first time I did it, the twists looked kinda messy (probably because I
    didn’t part properly) and the products I used, left some white residue. I
    used Cantu Shea Butter Curling Creme and Cantu Shea Butter Leave in
    Conditioner. Should I be using both or just the conditioner? Also, should I
    be using the Eco Styler Gel? I’ve never tried it before but I wouldn’t mind
    buying it since it’s really cheap.