NATURAL HAIR | How I Care For My Daughters’ Hair

NATURAL HAIR | How I Care For My Daughters’ Hair



  1. This is the CUTEST mommy-daughter natural hair care video I’ve EVER
    seen!!!! The are THE cutest, most adorable little ladies!

  2. This video is so adorable. Your daughters’ are so sweet and so respectful
    to each other. I cannot wait until my niece gets older so that I can style
    her hair because right now if you go to touch it, she starts to cry lol

  3. i noticed this video had 61 dislikes and i think its very sad someone would
    hate on a family video like this so nicely done and i want to say to those
    people thats really petty. thanks for sharing girl i enjoyed this video. I
    do videos with my grandchildren all the time.

  4. You have the most beautiful daughters ever!! Btw I don’t care about my
    frizzy hair!! No shame Taylor!

  5. Awww poor sky wanted her hair done like her sisters. Both styles were so
    cute. How did you get them to talk so much instead of just sitting there.
    haha my 4 year old would never do that haha

  6. lol you’re already going through the phase of getting your daughters name
    mixed up. My mom did that with me and my sister so much lol and your
    daughters are so adorable :)

  7. Hi sis i love this video. Do you do product reviews? I make mommy daughter
    silk hair wraps and bonnets.

  8. I’m here smiling with tears in my eyes. This has to be the sweetest video I
    have ever seen. You are a wonderful mom. Thanks for sharing your beautiful
    daughters with us. 

  9. Thanks for sharing! Never considered the idea of mixing conditioner & water
    to help with combing dry hair without washing. I currently use Shea
    Moisture products on my daughter’s hair as well and natural oils (coconut,
    jojoba, peppermint mixture).