NATURAL HAIR how to apple cider vinegar rinse | Nik Scott

NATURAL HAIR how to apple cider vinegar rinse | Nik Scott


There aren’t many treatments that I do on my hair that I will ABSOLUTELY rave about but the apple cider vinegar rinse on my kinky curly hair is AY-freaking-MAZING! My hair always feels so…


  1. I’ve been washing lately with Bentonite Clay. On my last wash day I rinsed
    with ACV before washing (to loosen all the shea butter and oil that was on
    my strands and scalp) and my hair was sooooooooo baby soft! I will
    definitely do it again. 

  2. Why wet hair before ACV rinsing? Do you rinse with arm or cool water? By
    the way, Thanks for the great video. :)

  3. Thanks for the video! Does the acv rinse help with hair growth and what
    video editing software do you use? 

  4. After do this rinse, can I go about styling my hair with blow dryer and
    flat ironing? That’s probably dumb of me to ask since this is all about
    going natural but, it’s getting cold out with winter starting and I’m so
    new to this. I normally, around this time of season, where my hair
    straight. Then, come summer, wear it curly. 

  5. My husband thinks I’m crazy for using the mixture on my hair, but loves the
    results Lols. Great video! 

  6. I love it!! You are so incredibly awesome. I can feel so much love, from
    the wonderful children’s book ad, to actually incorporating your spray
    bottle mishap in the video! HA! Excited to try the ACV rinse! Thank you!

  7. LHDC-TV, I like the method, but the amount of vinegar you poured was not 8
    ounces. So can you clarify how much vinegar need to go into the water

  8. just tried this tonight in my daughter’s hair and I was impressed at how
    soft it became. It really looked moisturized which I have a hard time
    with. I rinsed her hair with a little conditioner first and then the apple
    cider vinegar.Followed up with some shea moisture curl & style milk and
    Olive Miracle to do her twists and also trying the overnight plastic cap
    for the 1st time. Probably too much but that ACV really gave her hair

  9. Oh, but I’ve never chemically straightened my hair. Just blow dry and flat
    ironed. Of course I’d put oils and leave in conditioners while damp to
    protect my hair from heat damage.

  10. Was looking for a video on ACV rinse. Thank you girl because today is the
    day I’m gonna try it!! 

  11. raw african black soap or shikakai. from what i have read acv closes your
    cuticles and I have low porosity hair.

  12. Congrats on your children’s book!
    I use the ACV rinse to help loosen up my dandruff before I wash it w/
    shampoo. It’s very helpful!

  13. I’m taking box braids out of my hair right now and I am going to try it for
    the first time. What do you follow up with after the cab rinse?

  14. I took my daughter box braids out and decided to try the ACV rinse because
    her natural has always been difficult to detangled, but after the rinse I
    was able to finger detangled her hair. And did I mention when hair started
    drying it was soft. Thanks for the video will be trying this on my natural
    hair also. 

  15. I too love the ACV method once a month..typically in the beginning. In
    between tho I like using aphogee shampoo for damaged hair…this shampoo is
    a staple for me no other shampoo works the same, well the ones I’ve tried
    but I absolutely love that shampoo other than the acv of course…sometimes
    I leave the acv on depending on how I plan to style my hair but it does
    work about the same way as rinsing it…