Natural Hair Styles for Black Women

Natural Hair Styles for Black Women



  1. Exactly, I recently had to tell a white guy his women need to go natural
    too when he made a derogatory comment about black women damaging their
    hair. As I told him, take a look at how your own girls are balding from
    over bleaching, dyeing & perming. Look around at all the dark rooted
    blondes with dried out frizzy strands. When you see healthy blond flowing
    hair its usually extensions or a weave to blend in with the damaged locks.
    I go to a white hair salon so I see it all. We are not alone.

  2. @SivanAngel57 cont. from previous reply: you saturate your baby’s hair with
    this mix, and you can let her wear it down, without frixx or put it in a
    ponytail, smoothed out with no flyaways. check out tightlycurly website for
    her method on doing her hair. She’s mixed as well, and had a hard time with
    her hair growing up. Check out her hair history as well. – I notice you
    posted 11 months ago, and have posted since, but I jus wanted to share. I’m
    pretty much sold on honey and conditioner.

  3. im 19 now and it took me 2 months ago (when i was 18) to realize how
    wonderful and beautiful natural black hair is! growing up ive always had
    perms and hated my hairs length…….it used to be long before i got my
    first perm but now ik 2 months post relaxer and im very happy with my
    natural curly new growth. can’t wait til it gets long thick and full!!! 🙂

  4. @Zurie53225 What i do is an afro puff, basically i wash my hair, put
    conditioner in it (i leave my conditioner in, but my hair is super dry)
    then i brush it, and put it up with a hair stocking and neatly tie my hair
    into a sort of bun. Viola!

  5. I need your help so bad, well I always get braids or perms and go back and
    forth with that, well i have naturally curly hair, its very tight curls and
    very kinky and hard to comb thats why i started getting perms well now i
    want my curly hair back and the last time i got a perm was the end of
    september so it was only a month ago but until theperm grows out idk what
    to do with my hair. i was just wondering if you could tell me a hairstyle
    that will last and make my hair grow!!! Please HELP ME!!!

  6. @angelhart21 Thanks I’ll have to try that out, I just bought a jar of
    Jessie’s Curly Pudding and we are going to try that when I wash her hair
    tonight. We got a shampoo and conditioner set that is shea butter and cocoa
    butter based and we also cut her hair that had any of the relaxer in it
    off, it had grown out quite a bit so the ends were just dry and split. It’s
    getting much healthier and all the tips and tricks you guys have given are
    so much appreciated thanks a million!

  7. To me the difference between RELAXED and NATURAL is the difference between
    RENTING and OWNING your home… When I had a relaxer I felt like I was
    renting my style one touch up at a time… or braids…buying my hair from
    someone else.. natural is freedom 🙂

  8. I have decided to transition strictly for better hair health and thicker
    hair. However, I get bored with the same hairstyle VERY easily and the only
    transition style I like are curly afros/rod sets. I don’t like braids,
    twists, wigs or weaves. Any additional style ideas? My hair is very fine
    and have to wet and roll it w/ satin covered foam rollers every 2 days
    letting it air dry to keep up my fro. I currently use Loreal’s sulfate free
    moisturizing cleansing system and Curls moisterizer.

  9. @TheMakeupvirgin We just bought some of the Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding,
    and are going to try it tonight. I had seen great reviews for it but hadn’t
    been able to afford it because I wasn’t working until recently because I
    was in school. I am going to try it tonight after washing her hair with the
    shampoo and conditioner we got that has shea and cocoa butter in it. I’ll
    let you know how it goes. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. In fact if it
    works well I can send a picture or upload a video

  10. @ChosenFier so true, when i wear a big curly afro it looks soo much better
    than straightened hair. our hair was not created to be straight therefore
    it will always look fake and un-natural. be at “peace” with your hair,
    “love” your hair and “hair grease” using oil on your hair leaves it shiny,
    healthy and moisturised! x