Natural Hair | Wash Day Type 4 Hair

Natural Hair | Wash Day Type 4 Hair



  1. Ok so I watched this vid and loved it. This made my wash day sooo much
    easier. Yes I am a white girl but I have EXTREMELY curly/kinky hair so this
    video really helped!!!!! ♥♥♥

  2. Hats off to you! Lol. I’m too lazy for all those steps together in one
    wash. My wash days vary from product to technique and steps but I should
    probably try doing it this way… at least one time.

  3. My wash day is similar. I deep condish first. I then rinse and wash. I then
    apply a conditioner. I then apply my oil mix on top of the condish. I let
    sit while I shower. I then rinse under water stream while detangling. I
    twist and pour cold aloe juice on each twist! My hair loves this!

  4. What a great routine! I think what I will consider for my 4c hair is oil
    rinsing. I have oils that I don’t love and need to use up so I will oil
    rinse in the shower then maybe wear my conditioning heat cap. After that I
    will style as usual. Thanks again!

  5. I still do the break down method from one of your previous videos and my
    natural sisters. My hair is short but I can still do it and I have less
    tangles. Thanks for the video. Very detailed. 

  6. HA! I like to do half of my head also so I can feel my curls down my back
    🙂 lol (can’t tell me nothing)

    My hair grows out, instead of downy back, so my wash days feel a bit harder
    But what I do is separate my hair in sections (can be 4-6), I detangle my
    hair like twice a week so by wash day it’s mostly detangled, I use the
    kinky curly knot today shampoo, (LOVE IT, really cleans your hair, while
    balancing the ph balance as well), and I go through each section at a time,
    Then I’ll put on the almond & shea butter conditioner by SUAVE, (it’s a
    really good conditioner), and leave that on for a few seconds then rinse
    some of it out, slap on some oil (olive oill), and a heavy butter (like
    shea or something from darcy’s botanicals) twist it up and I’m done!

    I only wash my hair once a month and condition once a month, usually after
    the wash. I don’t like being in my hair too much, it likes to be left alone

  7. This was soooo good! I have a TWA but I still enjoyed this information. And
    it reminded me that I want to start oil rinsing for my 4C strands. Good
    stuff! Thank you ; )

  8. This looked nowhere near as stressful as my wash days lol. I may try it
    this way. I have a hard time finding aloe vera juice. Do you purchase it in
    stores or do you order it online?