Product Review: The 3 BEST Sulfate-Free Shampoos & Conditioners

Product Review: The 3 BEST Sulfate-Free Shampoos & Conditioners



  1. I tried many prodcts offline and online. I am satisfied most from arganl
    ife. products awesome price! Everything that was promised in the
    advertisment. The shipping was very fast and had not issues. 

  2. I have really dry frizzy hair and argan oil products work wonders. Also it
    is sulfate, slicone, alcohol, salt and dye free.It helps strengthen the
    hair that’s prone to breakage, smoothes the hair and form a protective mist
    on surface against heat damage, reduces frizz and helps prevent further
    damage, leaves hair healthy, shiny and resilient and provides heat
    protection. It also helps my hair grow faster and strengthens it. 

  3. I used to use cocoa keratin shampoo but they stopped selling them so now I
    use Pro naturals argan oil shampoo (sulfate, alcohol free) and it’s way
    better. AMAZING stuff if you have dry/frizzy/damaged hair like I did

  4. Hands down, RemySoft hair needs to be on your list! The smell is AMAZING
    and your hair will be so soft and manageable you won’t even believe it.
    They have been experts in replacement hair care and hair extension care for
    years. Can’t live without it.