Protective Styles & Hair Growth

Protective Styles & Hair Growth


Try to avoid foods that cause hair loss and prevent hair thinning with the right nutrition.


  1. Low manipulation styles is not necessarily just pertaining to heat, it’s
    when your not manipulating the hair often, running a comb through it,
    constantly styling, things like that

  2. Ok I’m having a tough time right now. I have healthy relaxed hair until
    recently. A sew in and a relaxer seems to have thinned my hair (which
    people say I’m over reacting because my hair is still thick) anyways. I am
    between wanting to go natural and staying relaxed. I started following you
    because many people only talk about their hair journey when natural. Any
    suggestions on oils to buy? And shampoos to use? I just feel really lost.

  3. I HAD to wear my bun in the same place because of the military. And it
    thinned out and broke off so bad where it was!!

  4. Hey there… I am currently shoulder length and i stated my hair journey on
    April 4, 2014 but i really don’t want to trim my ends. Any advice. Thanks

  5. I also receive that thinning spot at my ends from back in high school
    wearing a lot of buns in the same spot for a protective style.I cut at
    least 2 inches of my hair because I want long healthy hair.I only get 3
    relaxers a year, I’m trying to stretch longer. I’ve been wearing u -parts a
    lot lately, right now I’m 19 weeks post I can’t wait to see to see the
    length I retain.

  6. I just got 2 inches cut from my hair and I want to start taking care of it
    more to encourage growth. But I really love my hair being straight down…
    can protective styling be stopped when the desired length is reached? Or is
    that something you think should be done permanently?

  7. Do another video with your twin sister please. miss you guys, you two are
    too funny! At least just one video …. :D

  8. What do you mean by “seal” your hair? Do you mean put the sweet almond oil
    on just the endsbof your hair?? Thanks in advance!