Pump It Up Pin Up- Natural Hair Tutorial by Natural Resources Salon



    1. Man, I wish I could do this. My hands go all crazy when I try to twist or
      braid. The hairstyle is gorgeous though!

    2. This has been my go to style every since EyE was in JHS. It helps my hair
      to grow rather permed or natural. Great job. EyE do mine myself. 

    3. Great simple style! I literally have no time for my natural hair these
      days. I will be trying this style really soon! Thanks a million for this
      great protective style.

    4. Hello, my hair is almost as long as this but its not natural. I want it
      natural and have stopped applying relaxer since 4months. Please how can I
      make it natural without cutting the top off?

    5. Hi! I had to come back to your channel to tell you how much of an amazing
      inverted braider and instructer you are!!! I have been struggling with
      doing an inverted updo braid for years. After watching your video. I’ve
      mastered it!!! And I only watched your video once!!!! My client LOVED her
      hair. I wish o could attach a pic and show you. Omg I love you for this!
      Lol thank you hunny!!

    6. I would like to know what kind of pomade can I use for my hair. Please
      someone help. I have afro natural hair