Most of our Natural Hair is very thick, thirsty and ready for that Natural Hair Product. To be honest, a really good natural hair product is so hard to find these days. There are so many products out there to use these days, that it just confuses you on what is the right natural hair product to use. In fact, you can mix and match some of your very own ingredients to make your own Natural Hair Product right at home. You can find some of the ingredients right at home in your own fridge. Yes, that is correct, make you own Natural Hair Product. Watch the detailed video below on how to make your hair super soft and moisturized. Enjoy…

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This video shows how I use some of the KuSHEaMa products. Also, a number of persons have been asking me how I get my twist to look the way they do so I thought I would film doing my client’s hair.

All the products used are from the KuSHEaMa line and are as follows:
– CocoSilk Leave in Conditioner (liquid)
– Co Kurl Hair Lotion (moisturizer)
– Nato de Coco Treat (thick hair cream)

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Hey my lovelies! Have you been looking for a Protective Hair Style? Today I’m here with a tutorial on how I did my crochet box braids. I used just under 7 packs of 24″ small crochet box braid hair for this and it took me about 2.5 hours to do (not including cornrowing my hair). I left out my front edges and did single plaits there so that the style looks undetectable and the parting looks natural. Hope you like!

Where to Buy Hair:

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Have you heard all the hype about The Simply Straight Hairbrush. Many of us have seen this Famous Hair Brush all over TV Ads and more. This Hair Brush is suppose to do all the straightening work for you. The amazing new ceramic straightening brush that combines the power of a flat iron with the gentle styling ability of a brush to make straightening your hair as easy as brushing your hair! This revolutionary brush smooths and straightens your hair in minutes! Simply Straight heats up to the perfect temperature for a super-fast, even heating that will not damage hair. Simply brush your hair for tangle-free styling!

The basic features and benefits are:

    • Heats up to 450℉
    • Heats up Fast
    • Great for Travel
    • Won’t Damage Hair
    • 60 Minute Auto Shut Off
    • LCD Display Screen Displays Temperature


Simply Straight Hairbrush Review

The Secret Is…Simply Straight’s ceramic wrapped bristles lift hair at the root to deliver gentle heat around every strand, without flattening or frying your hair, for straight, healthy, shiny hair that’s easier to style and loaded with volume.

Simply Straight works on all types of hair and tames unruly curls and frizz and straightens in just minutes! No more excuses that doing your hair takes too long! No more messy hair! Change your look easily and quickly! Get long-lasting salon-quality results!

Simply Straight leaves your hair looking silky smooth with brilliant shine all day long! Straightening your hair is now as easy as brushing it!

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If you have a Sensitive Scalp I would Test it out on a very small area of your dry scalp, Damping your scalp my irritate it. Definitely test it out before you apply it to your entire scalp. And use as much cinnamon as you can tolerate you should customize the recipe to the needs of your scalp. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in this video/ recipe. This is the mixture “I” use for “MY” hair/ scalp. Customize it for your scalp/hair. I do this once a month.


Mustard Powder warms up the scalp and causes a rush of blood flow to the hair follicles, it also strengthens the scalp and nourishes the hair.

Ground Cinnamon stimulates (Tingles Sensation) scalp circulation helping hair growth

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Learn how to Wash, Condition, Blow out and Flat Iron 4c Natural Hair. When Flat Ironing your Natural Hair, It can all depend on the type of products that you are using that determines how the Final Hair Finish will look. Take a look at Nyla Helene on How to get that beauty look that you are looking for below

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Who ever said you can’t grow relaxed hair past shoulder length IS A LIAR! I used to think that but that is a lie! I included my hair story, my journey through pictures and also my maintenance tips! Hope you all enjoy! Like this video and sub if you haven’t already!

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The Pony Hawk tutorial on Natural Hair.

A few quick tips on how to keep dry natural hair moisturized throughout the year: winter, spring, summer, and fall. How to maintain moisture in your natural hair. And how to come up with the perfect moisture combination and routine for your own hair type and texture, so that you can reap the benefits of healthy, moisturized hair! Also how to keep straight set styles moisturized without wetting the hair with water. I hope this helps!

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