The Best Blow Dryer for Straightening Natural Hair

The Best Blow Dryer for Straightening Natural Hair



  1. Thanks a lot for the video. Please, do any of these blow dryers come with a
    comb. My hair is natural and a need a good good blow dryer with comb. 

  2. Great video! Do you know what is the most powerful hair dryer? I think FHI
    is awesome., I also had a Twin Turbo that was amazing but heavy… I just
    recently bought a T3 and I don’t like it. The T3 Nozzel keeps falling off.
    It’s not very powerful, and it dosen’t even have a dust filter. Yet T3 is
    highly praised and expensive.

  3. So helpful! I haven’t used a blow dryer in 2 years and am looking for a
    quality one not just a cheap one where I’d have to spend more money to
    repurchase. Hopefully I can find one where I am. Thanks. New subbie

  4. Thank you soo much for this video. definitely helpful I’ve been looking for
    this video, I watched your flat iron video too. What about the blow dryers
    that have infrared light or heat, I heard those are really good because it
    dries the hair from the inside out, is it true? Is there a difference?