Trim Natural Hair – Tutorial

Trim Natural Hair – Tutorial


Check Out My Website Trimming natural hair is easy except there are a few things that you do need to know before doing so to avoid messing up your trim, watch…


  1. thank you for doing this tutorial- yours are always great. im been putting
    off trimming my hair for the shop, but no moneyplus dont want it pressdd or
    flat ironed. this was extremely useful thx u so much. onelovegodbless

  2. oooh gurly i dont work for Dish Network OMG lol noo nooo its a
    house shirt of mine, dont even remember where i got it, i think free from
    some event or something

  3. You make this look really easy. My hair is short so it’s difficult to even
    section it off now. I get so frustrated sometimes. ~Oh I like your t-shirt!
    My husband works for Dish Network 🙂

  4. thank you so much you do great tutorials. so glad i found this particular
    one. i didnt want to go to a shop cuz 1)money and 2) they were going to
    flat iron it and all that stuff. thx again. onelovegodbless

  5. i usually trim my hair after i twist my hair because it is much easier. i
    need a slight trim now…it has been about 5 months.

  6. Thank you that was very helpful-I was planning to trim my hair next time
    after a blow dry, usually I do it while in small twists.

  7. i just trim like 1 time a year when ends look uneven or look damaged,
    actually rarely do it now at all.. and if i do i take tiny amt off

  8. girl you had me rolling when you went into chimpmonk mode. lol but this is
    a good way to trim natural hair. its good you showed it while still in its
    natural state. look at you looking out for you subscribers. lol so i can’t
    wait to see your hair flat ironed. 🙂

  9. thanks, it didnt grow out this is a whole new head of hair..i cut all of it
    off a big chopped again dec 2008

  10. Thanks for the video. However, as a licensed cosmetologist I’d like to make
    one correction. You SHOULD pull the hair out (not down) to make it even.
    When the hair is pulled down you are creating layers when what you want is
    a well formed afro. For instance, in this video your hair appears to be
    longer on the top. When you pull down from the top it doesnt stretch as far
    as say the nape, so when you pull down from the top it stops short of the
    rest of the hair causing long layers.

  11. You grew your color out so quickly! Will you ever color again? I am
    thinking of letting mine grow all the way out.

  12. naaaw gurl it broke…in half like snap i soo had a huge reaction
    and went on a splurge but edited it out for video time limit sake…LOL !!!
    i swear this is a testiment of why i only use VO5 ull see what
    i mean in my condish comparison video

  13. tell the truth its easier to trim when u flat iron, but some ppl dont flat
    iron at all so thats why i trimmed in natural state to offer others
    variety…so i say either way is fine then

  14. lol..ur silly sometimes i sound like chipmunk mode in real life i didnt like the straight look shute im not mad that
    humididty messed it up,…lol and rain too so it wasnt meant to be….ooh
    im reuploading that vid with 3 pics so u can see it at that vid end

  15. I just did my big chop on 9-1-09 and I have a gut feeling that I’ve done
    the wrong thing. I needs some words of encouragement PLEASE…… I’m new
    to you tube and being natural so can anyone walk me through this?