Tutorial:NO crochet braids needed, Get you a BOMB Removable, Super Natural, NO...

Tutorial:NO crochet braids needed, Get you a BOMB Removable, Super Natural, NO HEAT, hairstyle


Removable Super Natural Hairstyle My instagram: http://instagram.com/fabulasityisme1/ Music Provided by www.KrissLiss.com Facebook.com/KrystalBrielle Twitter.com/KrissLiss Instagram.com/Kriss…


  1. heyyyyyyyyy!! Just showing you guys how I got this SUPER natural, NO HEAT,
    NO CROCHET braids ( I ain’t got time for that lol) REMOVABLE hairstyle!
    UNDER 35 bucks =)) do not forget to rate!! You can crochet the leave out
    but I love having my natural hair out so it can look as natural as possible

  2. If I wanted to get this type of hair sewed in, can I wash and blow dry it
    like virgin hair? Also how would I preserve the curls at night?

  3. I love this omg ……. im like u hun want something quick n easy this is
    fabbbbbbbb. Im returning my hair n getting this instead.

  4. honestly think you was doing way to much and changing your voice and you
    was just over the top I love your hair though next time tone it down a

  5. Yes hunty… I was just telling my girl that there had to be another way
    besides actually crocheting.. THIS WAY I know…lol yes hunty gorgeous

  6. Ooh this looks great… I’m thinking you should crochet the leave out so
    you don’t have to work so hard on blending each day

  7. Oh yesssss!!!!! I’m so on this when I get back!!!! A great alternative to
    crochet braids!! Thanks for the video idea girl!!!! 

  8. You see this is why you’re the bomb! I was trying to figure out an
    alternative to the crotchet braids as well. Thanks 

  9. Thank you for the How-to. But you skipped a few steps. How did you cut
    the cap? How do you attach the hair to the u-part? That would have been
    amazing to see. I’ve used the hair in bulk to create my first ever crochet
    wig (posted video) but the texture is so rough. But I like the idea of
    just big curls. This also looks like it may take 5 hours or so as compared
    to the 12 hours for the crochet wig.

  10. Let me find out you brand new an ain’t intune with youtube no more but this
    style has been all over the web how did you miss it but nonetheless its
    cute on you