What’s Making My Hair Grow and Thicken So Fast?

What’s Making My Hair Grow and Thicken So Fast?


I loveeeeee this! It really works for me!


  1. thanks for sharing this info your hair is very pretty. I noticed that when
    I use regular castor oil my scalp itches but my grandmother always said
    that caster oil thickens the hair and helps it to grow.

  2. I have tried and tried the JbCO. But it it has me wanting to scalp myself!!
    I think I will try just regular castor oil and see how that does.

  3. I definitely love JBCO, i’ve been using it since i started growing my hair
    out again. I’ve never tried the mango and lime one though.

  4. your hair is very pretty. you know I have some jbco and I haven’t used it
    in a very long time. I will be using it now. tfs!!!

  5. I have been wondering if that really works . Thanks for the review ! Gonna
    get a bottle tomorrow .

  6. I was going to buy this but the lady at the register told me that it has
    other oils mixed in and is not all castor oil and so I wasn’t sure. Your
    hair looks great, I think I might try it anyway. 

  7. yess beautifulsoul’s vid is great!! I love JBCO!! i def see a major
    difference in my hair! 🙂 your hair is very thick and full!!

  8. Great video! I have been using JBCO since last year, and I love it. I
    either order mines from online or I get the one that’s sold in Sally’s. I
    use it as a pre-poo and it works best for me that way. I will leave it on
    for an hour or even possibly longer. After I apply it, I do cover my head
    with a plastic cap. This allows for my natural body heat to warm up the
    product in my head. A little bit of this stuff goes along way. As, I’m
    still using out of the 8 oz. bottle I purchased last year.